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San Diego, California, United States

Quick Blurb

I pride myself on offering a large variety of jewelry that appeal to all ages, tastes, and budget.


Reading, Fantasy, Unicorns, Fairies, Gemstones, Sparkle, Cats, Wolves, Rain, Celtic Anything, Within Temptation, Merry Gentry, Aromatherapy, Fibromyalgia, Cryptozoology, Crystals, Perfume, Eclectic, Spirituality, New Age

Skills and Techniques

I think my greatest skill, if you can call it that, is the large variety of jewelry I make. I love variety and bore easily. I like to keep a large selection of colors in both Swarovski crystals and Czech fire-polished beads. I love the sparkle of almost anything faceted. I rarely buy the exact same strand of gems more than once. The same gem, but almost always a different size, color, or cut. I hesitate to name favorite gems because I acquire new favorites all the time.

Find me online @: http://www.MoonlightEternal.Blog……

Get to Know

Moonlight Eternal is five years old. I feel very lucky to be able to sell my jewelry and other creations, especially in this economic climate. Every sale I make is special to me.

I've always been crafty and creative. I've tried a lot of crafts throughout the year, including charcoal, painting, drawing, crochet, polymer clay, and home decor projects, including flower arrangements.

My plans originally revolved around bath and body products. I was going to open a bath and body shop. But then I fell in love with Jewelry in May of '08, and opened shop in February of 2009. I do still hope to offer a bath and body line someday. I'd love to offer all sorts of items, including scrubs, bath salts, whipped shower cream, and milled soap. I would also like to experiment more with crochet and polymer clay. Perhaps even makeup.

I have fibromyalgia. I've had it for 14 years; I'm only 26. It is a huge struggle in many ways, especially being so young. I still encounter doctors who refuse to believe in it. I do my best not to let it bother me. Would I get rid of it if I could? Of course. But until then, I have two options: have it forever and keep a positive attitude or have it forever and have a negative attitude. If I'm going to have it forever, keeping a negative attitude just isn't a good choice on any level. I'm often asked, "Do you ever think 'Why me?'" To which I respond, "Why *not* me?"

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    A favorite piece. It's been sold, but I can try and make you a similar piece.

  • MoonlightEternal's Photo Gallery

    Kneeling in a friend's backyard, checking out their fruit trees.

  • MoonlightEternal's Photo Gallery

    One of my favorite pieces. It's been sold, but I could make you a similar moonstone bracelet.

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    Me and my baby-kitty, Delly