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Nordheim, TX, United States


My grandmother was a quilter and my mother sewed all our clothes until the late 1970's. They taught me it is ok not to be perfect. I love my kids and I want to make their lives better and give them more opportunities.

Skills and Techniques

I can crochet and tat as well as sew. I use a midarm sized machine on a Grace frame to finish my quilts. I love to hand embroider because it relaxes me.

Get to Know

I love crafts of all kinds and shapes and I put my heart and soul into the items I create. I am a widowed mother with two children at home. My home is in rural south Texas. It is quiet here and peaceful. I love to stay busy, so I started sewing every day and I fill up my home with beautiful things. I love to crochet and I have many many patterns. I find that sewing patchwork quilts fulfills my need to create using less time than crochet.

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