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Half Moon Bay, Ca, United States

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Welcome to my shop!

Muddy Brush Pottery is all about Bold Colors & Unusual Designs! Here you will find great gifts for the Home Chef, Kitchen Enthusiast, Color Maniac, Proud Gardener, Coffee Mug Cuddler--anyone who loves eye-catching, one-of-a-kind functional pottery. Everything, unless clearly stated, is food-safe. Handmade stuff should be treated with care and hand-washed, although I do put my stuff in the top rack of dishwasher often. Though many of my items are listed here at Artfire, I am also listed at and Etsy. For my complete collection, including sculptures and wacky items, check me out directly at !

Hey! Now here's a lil' bit about me:

I'm Janice Briones Weers and I am a Chemist turned Ceramic Artist. I have been making pottery since 2014 but have had a latent addiction to Art & Design for as long as I can remember. I also love Photography, particularly using Composition and Macro shots to capture Mother Nature's stunning designs found in a single flower, insect, or seashell. I am also passionate about Garden Design. By using contrasting colors & textures, hidden views, surprise elements, and organized randomness, I strive to create Garden Rooms that are functional and visually impactful. What I have discovered in working with clay, is that so much of my passion for Art & Design can be incorporated into my pottery! Muddy Brushes in hand, I work hard for every silly mug, vase, or bowl, trying to bring out its individuality and specialness. So as a potter, I may be relatively slow. I am no production potter. Perhaps I am less potter and more artist? All I know is, as a person, I finally feel whole ;-)