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Owings Mills, MD, United States


All things in nature and texture. I love layers of texture whether it's layers of glaze or layers of different handmade papers stacked together, or a variety of leaves and twigs among the duff on a path in the woods. I am inspired by the many designs found in nature and I try to use those designs and patterns in my work. I really do get giddy with excitement over finding small treasures such as seed pods or pin feathers. For me, the little things are what get me excited about life and make me want to create.

Skills and Techniques

All of my ceramic pendants are handcrafted in white clay. I cut my shapes, embed a high-fire wire at the top of each shape, clean the edges, and then use underglazes to paint my images. The pendants are then fired in a kiln to cone 06. At this point the pendants' color is bright and colorful and set. I can then add 3 coats of clear glaze which will seal and protect the pendants, but more importantly, it will bring out all of the vivid rich colors of the underglazes. Once the pendants have 3 coats of clear glaze, I will fire them one final time at cone 6.

I follow the same process for my buttons, except instead of embedding a wire, I create the holes for the buttons. Sometimes, I will use a speckled stoneware for buttons and use different methods to add texture and then use a combination of glazes to finish.

In terms of the sgraffito work, everything is done with 4 coats of underglaze on greenware. I carefully carve the design and then fire at cone 06. Next, I coat the piece in 3 coats of clear glaze and fire in a cone 6 kiln. The process is challenging, but the results are worth it!

Get to Know

My shop is a way for me to share what I enjoy creating for myself, outside of the many creative adventures I engage in as a visual arts teacher in Baltimore City Public Schools. This work is a culmination of years of study, practice, and experimentation. Working with clay brings me joy. This site is a way for me to share my love of clay, texture, and color with others. I hope you find something that I have created can bring you joy as well.

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