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Philadelphia, PA, United States

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Natural by Design Cosmetics specializes in hair and skin products made with natural and naturally derived ingredients.


natural oils and butters, cosmetic actives, botanical extracts, fruit extracts, hydrosols, floral waters, ayurvedic herbs

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The story: LeKenda started her journey when she became pregnant with her son. LeKenda's husband requested that she stop chemically treating her hair to ensure their unborn child had the best chance at life. This started her quest for healthy natural (no chemical treatments) hair. Thru many twists and turns and yes some back peddling to chemical treatments, she decided to start making her own hair products. LeKenda's first creation, Indulgence Hair Oil, was a success. So much so that her own stylist questioned what she was putting in her hair to bring it back from the horrible breakage, dryness, and abuse it suffered thru the years. She was hooked and began the wonderful process of bringing her imagination to life. LeKenda started developing products based on research and good ol' fashion intuition. She hopes you enjoy your bodycare treat.

Other facts: LeKenda is a Richmond,VA transplant and currently lives and works in the Phildelphia area. She also makes exclusive hair treatments for Splurge Salon in Lansdale, PA. This salon specializes in chemical free hair styling and encourages all of its clients to participate in its philosophy. She is married and has two sons, Solomon and Miles. If you live in the Philadelphia/ Lansdale area please visit Splurge Salon to experience Carrot Deep Conditioner or to purchase NBD Cosmetics other hair and bath products. For more information visit www.splurgesalon.net.

Or you may visit Koco Nail Salon and Wax Studio. This is a nail and day spa in the Philadelphia area that provides a not so typical atmosphere for manicures, pedicures and waxing services including the new trend Vajazzle. For more informations please visit www.koconails.com

Our mission is to educate men, women and children of all ethnicites about the proper care for their hair and skin. We want to encourage the use of natural and handmade products to promote healthy hair growth and maintence and skin protection. We are committed to using the most natural and safe ingredients that can be found on the market today. Research of natural ingredients is a our mainstay of business and helps us to formulate healthy alternatives and reformulate NBD products already on the market