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I like to create art that tends to be abstract but be relatable to the world in a dreamers state. I love to paint with Acrylic and I tend to paint with my hands a lot more than you will find other methods such as brush or scrapers, etc. I find art as an outlet that I enjoy and I hope that you enjoy it too.

Skills and Techniques

I have been painting for over 20 years. I have only been willing to sell one painting up until the opening of this store. It is hard to let go of my art but I am happy to finally bring it to market. Hope that our artwork can bring joy to others.

Get to Know

Naked Art is a n acrylic art collection of unframed original artwork by Katharine Page. I enjoy creating artwork with my son. I will note whether the artwork is Katharine's, Masons or a team effort. We have always enjoyed creating art together and having such a love for the world of art we decided to take to the Online World and offer our artwork for sale.