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Des Moines, Iowa, United States

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Guaranteed nickel free Jewelry. I take pride in my work, and in my customer service. More info:


Wire-wrapping, Metal Forming, Chainmaille, Nickel Allergy Information

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I use wire-wrapping, metal forming, and chainmaille techniques to create one of a kind jewelry. My primary tools are hand tools such as specialty pliers, hammers, and files but also enjoy experimenting with power tools.

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I am Donna Jo Wallace and I make the jewelry at Naturally Nickel Free. I have run my business from my home in Des Moines, Iowa since 2010.
My research about nickel allergies began, originally, because I have the allergy. It became really important to me though, when I began to realize how many other people are affected by this painful, but avoidable condition. I began to think that maybe my hours and hours of research, along with years of struggling with the same questions others have, may finally be put to good use.
I have learned my art by experimenting, by reading, and by listening. I love wire wrapping, and am always trying new techniques and ideas. I create as I go with very few preconceived notions of what the end product will be.
I understand that communicating with and serving my customers is really what it's all about. Next comes my jewelry, then comes all this silly stuff online I have to do.
Locally, I do a few craft shows a year. This is fun, but exhausting, and I have a lot to learn in this area.
My husband and I have also rented shop space in town, initially for his computer repair business, but I have also been working with the space to interact with customers locally. We enjoy this and find it very gratifying in the ways that we can work and live while supporting each other's interests and needs.
I find value in bringing the corners of my life together, just doing something I love in my own small way.
Donna Jo Wallace |
Here are a few comments that customers have left on my blog or written to me.
"Thank you so much for the beautiful earrings. I only recently discovered Niobium. I haven't been able to wear earrings for so long due to constant irritation. The earrings I purchased from you are very pretty, they don't bother my ears at all, and I've received lots of compliments. I just wanted you to know how pleased I am! I will be a repeat customer!"-Joy _________________________________
"I've been struggling with nickel allergy for over 30 years. I followed the guidelines written up on your blog and I have been free from red, burning, weepy pierced ears for the first time in eons!! One helpful thing the first few days, was to apply sea salt/water to my ears because they did itch. Now I can't even feel earrings in my ears." - Mary
"I just wanted to personally Thank You for your beautiful earrings! Everyone and my patients have complimented me this week. Unfortunately, I have become highly allergic to gold, silver, and those hypo-allergenic metals with age; which is no fun at all! I am so happy to be able to wear earrings again after many years. Yaaay! Thanks Donna!" -Caroline
"Yours are the only earrings that don't give me a bad rash, PLUS the stones are gorgeous, hard to find otherwise, and extremely precious!" -A Satisfied Customer
"Thank you so much for the earrings. They are in perfect condition and I love them. I would also like to let you know that I am able to wear them without getting infected ear lobes which for me is fantastic since I can't wear a lot of earrings due to infections. -Elyse
**NONE of the information on this or any of my websites is intended to replace the advice of your physician. Please have a doctor test your allergy to be sure it is not a more serious condition.

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    This is me in my home workshop.

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    My Home Space

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    My craft fair booth - this event was a couple of springs ago at the East Side Art Festival, Des Moines, Iowa.

  • NaturallyNickelFree's Photo Gallery

    This is my little corner of our shop in Des Moines. I'm keeping a few regular shop hours at this location over the summer. If you're passing through town, drop me a line! Updates and information are on my main website.