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Camp Meeker, Ca, United States


Hiking and stopping to forage for ripe berries in summer, walking barefoot and feeling the earth, standing quietly to hear the breeze, gazing deeply to see the sparkling ripples of the ocean in the sun from the cliffs, standing firmly along the slopes of California while fog races down to the ocean in thick waves enough to dampen the clothing, waiting patiently for the sunrise at the ridge top of a mountain under an oak tree soaked with fog enough for it to sound like it's raining, canoeing along the river, and attempting to create artwork that brings the passion for natures beauty into the comforts of home.

Skills and Techniques

Before a piece is sculpted or planned it must come from a place of resonance w ith nature that I can visualize so well it must be put onto paper and preserved in time. My goal is to create that which is already there in nature in the way that I see it

Get to Know

this shop offers hand-created, hand-selected, personally designed items with top quality craftsmanship. American made in California this is the roots business of an independent humanitarian and intuitive creator and engineer. Often times, art is the main source of income for this artist and the things offered here support the art continuing.

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