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Middletown, OH, United States

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Photography and Paintings by Brigetta Margarietta


Abstract Art, Acrylic, Watercolor, Mixed Media, Photography, Nature Flowers, Digital Painting

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Originally self-taught, I was encouraged to evolve my creativity by several relatives who were artistically inclined. Initially my work revolved around my great love for animals - pets and wildlife. Later, an increasing sensitivity to color and form found me working more and more intuitively, - abstractly - spiritual landscapes coming to life with a seeming will of their own. After each abstraction - I would write poetry to pour forth what I felt from the painting - painting it into language. I decided to take art classes, painting, life drawing, works on paper, art history, photography, etc. seeking to learn more about art, the works of other artists and to professionalize and improve my own painting skills. I eventually earned my Master's degree in Public Art. I also love photographing nature and cats, and exploring photomontage. I have now gone to creating my own paints from scratch using pigments and mediums - no more pre-mixed paint in tubes or jars. Each color is lovingly hand-ground with additions and mediums chosen to the specific painting I am working on. The colors are more vibrant and true - I think because there is less 'filler.' It also seems to become part of my creation process - I get to know the colors better and how different pigments interact. I am not new to retail having owned a gourmet coffee shop and bath boutique in the 90's. More recently I have had a shop for three years on eBay as a Top Rated Seller with a 100% positive feedback rating of 774 comments, and over 1500 sales in the past three years. Please shop with confidence.

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