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South Fork, Pennsylvania, United States

Quick Blurb

Take my hand and let me help you find your magick!


Anything and Everything! I have Crafting ADD and have to try everything at least once.

Skills and Techniques

Chainmaille, photography, jewelry design, bridal jewelry, sewing

Get to Know

I am a wild Irish chick that likes to do things a bit differently than most others. I am a wild child at times but that is part of my charm. So let me tell you a bit about who I really am...

I am a wife and student, as well as mommy to two adorable ratties, Rory and Nina. (Both males, "it's a personal thing", Whovians will totally get this. And now my geek is showing...)

I have a love of many crafts. I started creating when I was very young and remember my family telling me that if it comes from the heart, it is more valuable that anything in the world. I put my heart and my love into everything I create.

My style is a bit varied and maybe a tad dark at times but I like to create for everyone. I want to make sure that I have something for everyone. I love gothic designs and work with that theme more often.

I also love to work with gemstones. Most of what I will use are natural gemstones, some may be dyed but they are not synthetic. I am a big believer in the metaphysical properties of these stone and that is mainly what I try to bring to my work. I make pieces that have special meanings.

I create pieces for a number of different faiths. I have been brought up to respect each and every belief even if it is not my own. I am openly Pagan and I do have a lot of Pagan and Wiccan inspired items but I also have other religious themed pieces. I have studied and do know the significance to what I do. I have a love of religion and see beauty in all of them.

I love spending time with my family and just enjoying life. I am a nature lover and I love the beach. Because I live so close to the Ocean, it plays an integral part of my life. I am also in a historic area that plays very heavy into my photography.

All in all, I hope that everyone can see a bit of me in my work. But more than that, I hope this gives a small glimpse of the face behind the studio and the avatar.

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