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Chicago, IL, United States

Quick Blurb

DiVine Stones and Fashion Accessories began it's journey in the handcraft industry in 2005. Starting in a small caboodles box


Stringing, wire wrapping, reading, church, jewelry designers and fashion.

Skills and Techniques

My inspiration begins with the design ideal. I lay out the pendant, beads and wire. I put on my gospel music or turn the television off and begin the design. It may take a few tries to get the "look and feel". Once the necklace is finished, the bracelet and earring is designed. The set is simply eye catching beautiful. Most difficult is to not want to keep if for myself.

Get to Know

I am a wife, mother and work a nine to five job as project coordinator in a department that is responsible for how the city manages it's business. All three of my jobs wife, mother and professional are very demanding, sometimes exhausting yet extremely fulfilling. I went back to school in 2000 and completed my requirements to achieve a Assoc. of Science in Computer Science and a BSS in Business Info. Management in 2005 without any breaks in-between that would not have been possible without the support of my family. My three children boy, girl, boy are all grown now. I was buying semi-precious stone pendants, I would show my jewelry from a small caboodles box that box grew to a large carry bag that grew to a 4 ft table and now when I have a show I can use a 8 ft table. I sell fashion jewelry as well, rhinestones the bling bling. I began doing dance parties setting up a table, others at the party might have a club set the next week or the next month and I would book with them for a setup fee that extended to arts and craft fairs, christmas bazaars venues of that nature. My creative design began from the craft shows. I began to look at the handmade jewelry and I knew I could do that. I begin stringing but didn't know how to finish my piece until a mastercraftsmen taught me and that is where I am now. I love to make my pieces for special occasions and make pieces for my customers. At first I was giving it away not anymore my customers ooohhh aaaahhhh my pieces, they really are hard to sell because I love each one. My personal pieces well needless to say they are absolute. All my pieces are one of a kind I do not string duplicates. My business is DiVine Stones and Fashion Accessories all my pieces are divinely inspired in creation as I listen to gospel music or string in quietness. As I string the finished product sometimes bring tears to my eyes. The accolades made by my customers are so heartfelt, especially when they say your jewelry "my jewerly" makes them feel so pretty that is the compliment that keeps me stringing.

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