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I’ve always been fascinated by subcultures, the choice to live on the edge of society, instead of merging into the mainstream. To live by a different set of standards and ideals. To find comfort in your own smaller group outside of the bigger group. To have your special place where you belong even though you might not fit into the majority of society. Many subcultures come with their own set of aesthetics, their own fashion and design ideals and this is a great inspiration to me.

Growing up in Sweden I am naturally merged in the Scandinavian minimalism and find the way some local designers create with simple lines and clean materials equally inspiring to the flowing lines of art nouveau.

All this together with my love for geometry and patterns shape my artistic expression.

Skills and Techniques

I love working with an array of techniques and materials. The variation is very stimulating for me. For a while now silversmithing, sewing, as well as leather work (many times with faux leather as well) is the main focus, which is quiet apparent in the designs I make and sell.

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Get to Know

Creativity is my life. It’s always been that way. It’s the very core of my being. Working with my hands to create beautiful pieces is simultaneously relaxing and stimulating to me. Five years ago, after working as a graphic producer for 15 years, a stress related illness forced me to completely rethink my work life. I turned my biggest private interest into my business and started selling my designs. I’ve been selling on other platforms up till now, but heard about ArtFire and found it interesting. An Etsy-like community that still has the handmade ethos. So now I’m here as well.

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