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Oklahoma City, OK, United States

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Metaphysical and Occult Supply

Ande Spenser, Artist


Tarot, Psychic Readings, New Age, Metaphysical, Witch, Witchcraft, Incense, Crystals, Candles, Handmade Soap, Ritual, Jewelry, Jewellery, Herbs, Mojo, Spell, Spellwork, Wicca, Pagan, Hoodoo, Rootwork, Junk Oracle, Satan, Spirit, Magick,Magic

Skills and Techniques

lapidary, silversmith, herbalism, aromatherapy, painting, drawing, sewing, making, creating, instilling with spirit and will

Find me online @:

http://www.StarwindGifts.com http://www.facebook.com/AndeSpen… http://www.facebook.com/Starwind… http://www.instructables.com/mem…

Get to Know

Starwind was a much-beloved Oklahoma City new age store that opened in the mid-1970s downtown, moved to a location on Classen Boulevard in Uptown in the late 1970s, and delighted shoppers until the early 1990s when the original owner made some unfortunate decisions that eventually forced them out of business.

The shop was legendary, though, and has remained an unsurpassed benchmark for all other OKC metro area metaphysical stores even today.

Ande Spenser, a transplant to Oklahoma City, owned and operated a similar business, Once Upon A Silver Moon, for 15 years in various forms (sometimes physical shops, sometimes travelling to fairs and festivals, sometimes only online), with the last of 3 storefronts closing in May 2016.

Her customers commented "this reminds me of Starwind!" so many times that she finally bought the name in early 2016 and began planning to relocate back home to New Orleans, reopening in the Garden District as Starwind Gifts in 2017.

This Artfire store will never be able to showcase the glamour of our physical locations. Please follow us on Facebook for updates and RSS to our blog at StarwindGifts.com to see how the relocation develops.

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