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Great Lakes, IL, United States


Besides tinkering with buttons and crystals, I love reading and travel.
I get my inspiration from nature and books.

Skills and Techniques

In creation of my art I use vintage buttons and cabochons from my collection. I browse online stores as well as antique stores and flea markets in search of the most interesting items I can find.
I also use genuine Swarovski crystal rhinestones. I have thousands of them, in various sizes and colors - both new and vintage.

Each piece is glued onto the fabric individually, with highest quality jewelry glue.
Each of my button art pieces takes many hours to create.

Find me online @:…… http://PaintedWithButtons.Etsy.c…

Get to Know

I've always been a little bit of a pack rat. My treasury of buttons, vintage findings, sparkly rhinestones, and old jewelry has been growing steadily for years.

The fact that many of the family members never seemed to throw anything away and always seemed to store everything in their attics and basements only contributed to my little "problem".

Eventually, time has come to take some action and after searching high and low I finally found a way to properly display my treasures.
Taking my precious objects out of the boxes, bags, and drawers and incorporating them into pieces of art seemed the only reasonable way to go.

And here I am, making button art pieces.

No one who knows me would ever think that this hard-headed, opinionated, and the most impatient redhead in the world can sit quietly for hours painstakingly arranging and re-arranging tiny buttons, crystals, and cabochons. But doing this relaxes me and I love it!

I am slowly learning to let go of my most valuable possessions.
I feel that my pieces of art grow with me and are becoming more beautiful and elaborate - I am becoming more confident as a creator and my art reflects that.

I take pride in my work.
I can assure you that each piece is made only with highest quality materials.
Some components show wear and tear of time, but it only adds character to the finished product - just imagine the journey those little objects made to finally end up in your hands!

I hope you enjoy my creations!

Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Thank you for looking.

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