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LEROY, IL, United States


Some of my interest are of course everything to do with art, nature, tv, movies, and family life. I get my inspiration from nature, cartoons, other artist, but mainly from my great customers! When I do artwork for someone, whether it's on a shirt or canvas, and they see the finished product and are just shocked, amazed, and speechless because it's way more than they expected. That's what drives me to get even better so that I always get that reaction. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Skills and Techniques

The main skill I have is being able to freehand airbrush just about anything. Freehand airbrushing is when you don't use stencils or mask to mask off areas to be painted. I would say about 95 percent of my designs I do are all freehand, the most I usually do is just a basic sketch on the item and then I just go to town on it. That being said there is always a time and place to use stencils depending on the effect you are going for.

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Get to Know

Hi I'm Adam and I'm the airbrush artist at Perfection Airbrushing. I've been drawing and doing art ever since I can remember. When I first picked up an airbrush it was truly love at first site and I haven't put it down since. Now I've been airbrushing for over 10 years! What I like about airbrushing is that there is always more to learn and it's such a versatile form of artwork. I mean you can airbrush on pretty much anything you can imagine! I airbrush everything from hat and shirt to motorcyles and helmets.

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