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Houston, TX, United States

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Polihale Promise symbolizes a promise made at our wedding on Polihale Beach in Kaua'i. Polihale is known for its spectacular sunsets over its mountain range that meets the ocean. Legend in Hawaiian culture sees this place, and its sunset, as a final resting place for souls. Translated as: "the edge of the world". We have both been through a lot in our lives, seemingly always living and surviving at the edge of the world. That is why we chose this beach to be married at (along with our two children, in a quiet, remote setting). However, instead of our traditional Hawaiian wedding being conducted at sunset (symbolizing the end)... we were married at sunrise (symbolizing the beginning). In other words: Given that life can be hard and full of struggle, it may seem like you're always living at the edge of the world. We might as well start over together, from the beginning. Life - at some point - comes to an ending as well. For us, may it be found there... at Polihale Beach, together... for eternity.

Basically, Matthew sells handmade or hand-painted personalized portraits created from pictures provided to him by his customers. He typically makes these in either Charcoal or Pastel. He tries to stay within these two mediums because he feels that, besides the overall feel these mediums create, they are not as time-consuming and as expensive as other mediums. Additionally, Matthew really wanted to provide something to regular folks that would love to have a portrait done --- that would also be affordable for them. Any quick online search of commissioned portraits would reveal that these can be expensive! So, with that in mind, he puts together some affordable options that would not only open the door for income for his family ... but also open the door for people that would not have necessarily been able to afford a portrait. Most people have a basic idea or conception that a personal or custom portrait is always going to be expensive. By doing it this way, he hopes to shatter those conceptions and make them available to everyone.

Joanna has loved being a dedicated Mom since 2006... one that has spent the last decade raising children that loved American Girl dolls... so she's made them everything from bedding to 3-story, completely furnished dollhouses. Now she has a love for these dolls all her own. She also loves animals and birds. In fact, their family currently has five rescue pups --- including four with special needs. (They also have a rescue lizard -- a bearded dragon.) That is why making bedding for everything from babies, to pets and birds, and even dolls makes her soul very happy.

Matthew and Joanna just launched a new, joint product... custom lighted music boxes. They are very excited about their new creation... and, more importantly, getting to work on something together again. They had done this in the past, and enjoyed it immensely. :)

Both Matthew and Joanna could only make their creations through their love of each other, their family and pets, and the world around them. Without love, there would be no inspiration for them.

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