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Amarillo, Texas, United States

Quick Blurb

First and foremost, I am a wife and mama. I love to sew , bake, and everything in between!


Jesus, sewing, baking, cricut, scrapbooking, dolls, embroidery, kids, babies, crochet, paper, cards, Texas

Skills and Techniques

sewing, crochet, doll making, paper crafts, embroidery, photography, baking

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Get to Know

I am a wife and a mama and have been blessed to be able to stay at home with my kids from the day my son was born. I love Disney movies, chick flicks, and crime shows. I listen to almost any and all genres of music while I'm working on my projects (or doing my work around the house).

I love crafting-- anything from sewing to refinishing and repurposing furniture. I also love to bake, especially around the holidays.

My grandmother tried to teach me to sew and crochet when I was little, but it did not appeal to me at all. I started sewing and getting involved in crafting in my late teens/ early twenties-- right around the time that my husband and I got married. From that time until she passed away, my grandma and I talked about ideas, planned projects, and worked together sewing. She was a true inspiration to me. We always said that we wished that our hands could work as fast as our minds did! That is still true for me today!

I chose the name "Pollywawgs" because I thought it would be a fun name for my shop. It is spelled with the "aw" to stress the southern drawl. "Pollywaaaawgs". Now,that's just fun!

Bio Photo Gallery

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    This is a custom purse I did for a lady that loves owls! It turned out so cute!

  • Pollywawgs' Photo Gallery

    This is the tooth fairy doll that my daughter and I designed.

  • Pollywawgs' Photo Gallery

    A lion doll and a cheerleader doll I did for a school fundraiser.

  • Pollywawgs' Photo Gallery

    Raggedy Ann and Andy. I just love these dolls!!!