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Quick Blurb

Artisan beads for jewelry making. Every bead is unique and different. Size and shape may vary, as is the nature of handmade.


Paper,metal,wire,beads,wood,glass,polymer clay,jewelry,necklace,bracelet,earrings

Skills and Techniques

Since I started selling on Artfire, I've learned a few new things. Paper making, bead making, and paper mache. I also use wire and beads to create unique gifts.

Get to Know

Welcome to my studio I would like jewelry sellers to know that all my beads are available for you to use in your own designs. Although I like to make jewelry, I love creating the beads more. I would love to see how other designers would implement my beads in their own creations. I put great emphasis on evolving because I feel that is just what I have done. I love working with all kinds of media and quite often mix them together. You never know what you will find here, if I think buttons will work in a piece then you will certainly find them in one of my projects. I am looking forward to getting to know other sellers and and promise only the best and most courteous service to the buyers. I know its hard for people to trust new sellers but I do have a good reputation on ebay. liv2plant ( 269) You could look me up there if you're interested. I'm am interested in promoting and buying handmade and recycling. Please feel free to browse. Thanks for listening. Sandie

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