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My interest are traditionally painting watercolor, comic books, traditional drawing, traditional inking, digital coloring, and printmaking (silk screen/ intaglio).

Skills and Techniques

For my comic book process I like to pencil traditionally, ink traditionally directly on my pencils using multiliner pens and a brush, then scan in the clean ink drawings into photoshop for digital coloring. My watercolor process starts with a light sketch from a photo reference then painting.Or I will paint two test pieces one color, one black and white as practice for a final, larger piece.

Get to Know

My name is Gabe Ramirez I am 24 years old and an Illustrator from Queens, NY. I have a BA in New Media and graduated from Suny Purchase in 2018. I love creating comic books as well as studying light and shadow through my drawings and watercolor paintings. I'm open to commission work, and am currently selling my most recent comic book Shattered Matter. In addition to that I am producing new watercolor for sale on this site regularly.

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