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Columbia, MO, United States

Quick Blurb

I am a wig/hair designer gone crazy who loves anything fantasy. I have dreams about hair and I wake up and make what I dream


Hair, fantasy, fairy, faerie, accessories, costumes, elves

Skills and Techniques

I like to do anything with hair. I am a wig maker and one day I dream of doing hair on some movie set somewhere... ship me to New Zealand to do the next Lord of the Rings and I will be happy!

Find me online @:

http://puppycatmeow.etsy.com http://www.craftstylish.com/prof… http://puppycatmeow.com

Get to Know

I am a mother of two beautiful children and thankfully I have discovered a way to be able to stay home with them and have a career at the same time. I have been a hairstylist since 1991. My home is now doubling as my own salon and my customers live all over the world!

I started braiding hair at Renaissance festivals 8 years ago and I would get really sad when the festivals would end so I started making hair extensions for all of the times when I can't be working a festival. That expanded into dreads and fairy falls and everything else.

I can't stop - I dream new hair creations in my sleep! ArtFire is a way to let my dreams come to life.

I have been a crafter and an artist my whole life. My mother said that artists never make any money and so I am out to prove her wrong. (Sorry mom but I am!) So here I am at ArtFire... I hope you like my store!