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Pyramids are one of the oldest creations of the world and have mesmerized human-kind for millennia. Almost all ancient civilizations has used pyramid shape for attain-ment of spiritual growth and creating a positive society. The geometry and shape itself is said to be very strong and seen by many cultures as a symbol of stability, power and strength. Some see the four sides of a pyramid as a representation of the four elements (Air, Water, Fire and Earth) converging into infinity.
Since advent of civilization, human has been fascinated by these four elemental en-ergies which are believed to be representation of the cosmic energy/universal life force. One of the pre dominant elemental energy is of earth on which the life sur-vives. The abundance of this energy corresponds through different minerals and metals the earth has offered us. These minerals and metals are believed to be reso-nating energy on the same frequency as of earth and humans and have been used for ages now not only for their aesthetic properties but also for the specific mystic quality which helps in creating the desired effect in one's life.
We have put our effort to bring to you the uniqueness of these minerals and metals bonding with the properties of pyramid with the objective to create positivity in your life and to help in achievement of set affirmations.
The complete array of products offered are showcased in the pages to follow, pri-marily segmented into Metal Products, Crystal Products and Orgonite.
Whatever you choose for your life we wish that you stay energized now and always.