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Stone Mountain, GA, United States


I've always been an artist/craftsperson...still work professionally as a designer, but love crafts, soapmaking, sewing, painting and drawing. I believe that our Creator works through us and our 'little' creations to touch one another.

I've begun to research some Trade and Ancient beads. It's opened my eyes to the customs of some of the most ancient civilizations. Archaeologists have found a bead that is more than 800,000 years old! The trade beads currently available are used in my new jewelry designs and some are even collectible as these items become more rare.

So much creativity has existed from the earliest times that it is great to be a part of this movement.

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Natural Stones are the witnesses of creation, so I've combined natural Semi precious Gemstones and African Trade Beads, Wood, Sterling Silver, Copper and Brass for items that make long lasting gifts and personal treasures. Enjoy and share the energy captured in natural semi-precious gemstones when they were formed!

Where did that name come from? I've been asked a few times about it. It has to do with the fact that my mom would travel to places and bring me these little smooth pebbles from some of the places that she and my father visited.
It became a nice little collection and I became interested in collecting stones, rocks and shells on my own. As time passed, I forgot about them and raised a family, worked in my career and just lived life.
I was given another wired wrapped rose quartz nugget and recalled my 'collection'. So I started studying the stones and was given an amethyst geode for my desk. After a few years, I started making pieces and was inspired by the beauty of natural stones and handmade trade beads. Research has further prompted a hobby and I found that people like my handmade jewelry, so the timing was right when I found Etsy. I already had been making natural soap and this was sort of a lifestyle extension of being natural. I discovered trade beads and found them to be fascinating and the historic significance of ancient beads and beadwork to be a common thread in most all cultures.

Oh back to the name...those little pebbles were usually the result of river erosion, thus river pebbles! I have this personal philosophy in life that as a stone wears away over time in the swift waters, it gives it's precious, life-enhancing minerals to the stream. So support handmade and natural!

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