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Missoula, MT, United States


DIY, metalsmithing, fiber arts, papercrafting, farming, learning, experimenting!

Skills and Techniques

Wire wrapping, forging, metalsmithing, papercrafting, fiber arts - spinning yarn, felting and weaving, creating something from nothing!

Find me online @:……!/RoseofSha… http://www.ShopRoseOfSharon.etsy…

Get to Know

I love people, I love Jesus, and I love creating things! I have a little ADD, which is evident in my work. I'm always learning something new and it drives me nuts to do the same thing over and over again! If you can find me set up somewhere, you'll get to see all the crafty goodness! I make jewelry, cards, hair accessories, skin salves, vinyl decals and wall art, I spin yarn and weave, and I'm always learning something new! Most of what I make has been recycled in some way. Most of the sterling silver and gold I use I've melted down from scraps myself, and turned into what you see here :) I also make earrings from aluminium cans and leather cuffs from old belts. Even most of the vinyl I use has been saved from the dumpster! I have been creating art since I was little, but now it's actually a business that I love! I am currently living in Montana, working out of the basement and garage.

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