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Sewell, New Jersey, United States

Quick Blurb

Mission: Striving to cut down on lumber waste Most pieces are made from reclaimed lumber.


Woodworking, refinishing, repair

Skills and Techniques

woodworking. So many techniques I'm always in the learning process

Find me online @:

http://www.scottswoodproductions…… http://www.scottsbusinesscardhol…

Get to Know

I Make custom wood furniture and cabinetry for my localized business. I'll gladly take requests for easily shipped items using this venue. Feel free to contact me if you have a need for a different style business card holder or another type product. It doesn't hurt to ask. I may also be able to direct you to a woodworker local to you. If in need of a larger type product and you are not nearby (south jersey area) please search ArtFire to find a possible woodworker in your area first. I'd rather you invest more in the item you want instead of hefty shipping fees.

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  • ScottsWoodProducts' Photo Gallery

  • ScottsWoodProducts' Photo Gallery

    Ã?Æ'ââ,¬Å¢Ã?âEURšÃ, custom Wall mount Business card holder I did for Westport Yachts in Florida

  • ScottsWoodProducts' Photo Gallery

    Ã?Æ'ââ,¬Å¢Ã?âEURšÃ, Chest of drawers. I did a whole bedroom set with this piece