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Welcome to Seven Tree Studio, a collective shop inspired by the beauty of nature. Our designs reflect the creative world around us, and our packaging is eco-friendly. Please enjoy the shop and come back soon! Emily Brooks (Jewelry Artist) Where to start! I'm actually an Environmental Scientist specializing in wetlands. As much as I enjoy my job, policy doesn't really bring out the creativity in people, so I started futzing around in my basement making jewelry. I started with wood and pressed leaves, and began making pendants. I then took some metal courses at the local Gem Cutters Guild in Baltimore and I haven't stopped since! I love working with metal, stones, and glass, and look for inspiration in the beauty of nature. I also enjoy making wine charms, as well as Star Wars inspired items to lighten things up. Please come back and visit the shop again to see what we've been up to! Becky Brooks (Quilter and Painter) My name is Rebecca (Becky) Brooks, and I was born in Worcester,Massachusetts, where my father was a lawyer and my mother was a cloisonne enamel artist. I did not inherit my father's interest in becoming a lawyer, but my mother's innate ability to create continues to inspire me. My earliest memory of my interest in art was in first grade when I came home with an 18 X 24in piece of manila paper with a big crayon oval filling the paper. I said to my Mum, "look, Mummy, we were supposed to draw insects, everybody else drew butterflies but I drew a flea!" Quite a few years later, I graduated from UMass, with a degree in dance, and a Masters from Smith, also in Dance. Most of my employment through the years involved children, summer nature camps, nursery school, and kindergarten. Several stints in various fabric stores spurred me on to create quilts and quilted landscapes. I made my first quilt in college, using scraps from dresses that my mother had made for my two sisters and me. It was a nine-patch pieced and quilted by hand! My summers, as far back as I can remember, were spent in Maine, where, now, each year, we become summer people for as long as we can stay. The coast of Maine speaks to all my family members. We continue to travel, especially in Maine, where we explore untraveled roads, hike unknown paths and discover yet unseen panoramas. My new interest in painting makes me constantly ask my husband to please take just one more picture. I hope you enjoy my works as much as I love creating them. Rob Brooks (Photographer) Bio and more photos coming soon!