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Smyrna, NY, United States

Quick Blurb

I'm Shinrin Sam. Bros and an artist, photographer and mangaka. Ronin Yoshino is my original manga series.


Ronin Yoshino is inspired by ukiyo-e, nature, animals, archeology and folklore. A beautifully illustrated, exciting and captivating original story of heroes, fantasy and adventure!

Skills and Techniques

Ronin Yoshino is drawn by hand with pencils and pens on paper and finished on a computer. First, I write the script and storyboarding. Next it's edited, sketched and inked by hand on an artograph. Then it's scanned into Manga Studio EX to be finalized - panels, screentones and text. Then entire process takes approximately 3-6 months to complete a 24-40 page chapter.

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Get to Know

Ronin Yoshino is my original manga (graphic novel) series. This shop features Ronin Yoshino products.
"Yoshino prefers to live as a recluse, but her past as a rebel samurai often causes conflict. With bandits, monsters, an evil warlord and unknown dangers - She and her companions confront the menaces that terrorize the countryside!"

Ronin Yoshino manga chapter 1 won an award in an ADV Films contest in 2006 and a Funimation contest in 2007. The Hidesato saga from the manga featured at the Bucarest, Romania, Redbull Flugtag by Eroii Inaripati in 2008. The series has been displayed in art galleries to juried art shows.

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