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spring hill, Florida, United States

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Now in our 18th year of making canldes, Siena literally had its beginnings as a garage business. My parent's were away visiting relatives, and when they returned I was pouring canldes in their garage. At that time period, candles were rather plain and predictable. I was able to bring together three areas of interest that gave birth to our own vision of candle making. The first was a love of the designs of the Art Nouveau and Arts and Crafts periods that used nature themes for inspiration. The second was knowledge of mold making,and the third was my brothers hobby of wood carving. He was able to carve the original designes out of wood, make our own molds from these carvings, and make our candles from these molds.

Our business has not changed dramatically from these humble beginnings. Of course, we soon had to move out of my parent's garage (due to business growth and my parent's complaints of wax all over their house). We still make our candles in the same method....everything is done by hand. We have kept our business small over the years and are just now expanding into retail.

In these times of outsourcing manufacturing to foreign countries, we are proud to say our products are entirely made by hand in the U.S.A.