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Unique, elegant fine sterling silver jewelry


Jewelry, fashion, travels

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Two things I'm passionate about in life: traveling and fashion. My passion for travel brought me to Bali about a year ago. While I was there I had the opportunity of visiting a small silver home factory/store, and I fell in love with all these beautiful sterling silver jewelry. Here came my passion for fashion, I bought quite a few pieces for myself and received compliments every time I wore them. I love how they are so easy to wear, simple enough to wear on my casual looks, yet elegant to wear on any special occasions.

So, I decided to bring in these elegant and unique jewelry pieces back with me to share them with you. And Silver On Top was born...

Developed with luxury craftsmanship, each piece of Silver On Top jewelry is handcrafted uniquely by the ever talented Balinese artisans in a small scale productions. These artisans carve and smith the finest quality of sterling silver, semi precious stones, and natural gemstones into beautiful one of a kind masterpieces.