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Paw Paw, Mi, United States

Quick Blurb

Trained as a chemist and microbiologist. Good manufacturing practices.

I can make soaps or lotions "To Order".


Soap making from "scratch". Sometimes I use glycerin bases, and experiment with additives. Lotions and creams are getting to be a passion.

Skills and Techniques

Safety and a sound mind are important when making soaps and lotions. As we work with lye(Sodium hydroxide-a potent base), we must use caution. No hurrying allowed. When we work with lotions and creams, we must be mindful of safety here, also, not so much for the maker as for the recipients. Bacteria and molds cause great harm. We would NEVER want to be the cause of this, so, the best preservatives and good manufacturing processes are followed.

Get to Know

As a former cosmetics quality control chemist, I have been dabbling in the soap making area for over ten years. Nothing fascinates me more than observing saponification. My husband and I belong to an ancient recreation society, hence the name of the business. It also is a former name of an old dance hall that has been in the family for over seventy years. I have been making some lotions, creams and body butters, with emphasis on making these as natural and green as possible. Many years in the over the counter creams and ointments field has given me some terrific ideas. I make no health claims on any of my products.

I have many years in the vintage selling field, also, and many vintage fabrics to offer.

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