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Solon, Oh, United States

Quick Blurb

Silverscapes: A Fusion of Fine Silver and Other Cool Stuff! Jewelry....Wearable collages of fine metals and objects.


Handmade, handcrafted, Jewelry, Silver, metal clay, PMC, Bronze, Copper, Textures, Organic and geometric shapes, Mixed media, natural elements, gemstones, pearls, stones, found objects, recycled, dichroic glass, Faux bone, polymer clay, resins, wood, bead

Skills and Techniques

Metalsmith, enamelling, glass bead making, Jewelry, PMC Precious Metal Clay certified, beading, wire weaving, chain maille, polymer clay, cold connections.

Get to Know

I'm one of those treasurer hunters... always scouting for unusual and interesting objects, both man made and from nature. And I am a collager (is that a word???) I just love putting all that found stuff together to see what I can create. Throughout the years I've taken many courses in art, design concepts and jewelry/metalwork and along my journey I had the opportunity to explore many different media: metal, glass, fiber, ceramics, polymer clay, handmade paper to name a few but my passion had always been to make jewelry. In 2002 I discovered "PMC"... a clay like material of fine silver particles that allowed me to incorporate my cool collection of found objects & elements into metal designs. In 2004 I achieved Certification in PMC and in 2008 I started my business journey "Silverscapes: A Fusion of Fine Silver and Other Cool Stuff". Each piece of Silverscapes jewelry is a one of a kind handcrafted piece of wearable art - a collage of richly textured metals: silver, copper, bronze incorporated with mixed media materials: found/recycled objects and naturally occurring elements to create a meaningful statement and impact. Using traditional metalsmithing techniques, the "backdrop" of each piece of jewelry emerges from a piece of sheet metal and/or metal clay which is cut and shaped, texturized, sanded, filed, fired, oxidized and polished. Then, utilizing a variety of cold connections, mixed media elements and objects are arranged & collaged to the metal to convey meaning and visual interest to the piece.

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