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Canberra, ACT, Australia

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Hi, I'm 'Remy' (DK Heath), a self-representing jewelry and glass artist. I'm happily married with three teenage children.

Back in 2000, I suddenly found myself as a full-time SAHM of three children under four, after working in IT for approx 15yrs. I began making and selling wirework jewelry from home and added beadmaking to this a few years ago.

I work in my studio-loft and thoroughly enjoy locking myself away for several hours, four mornings per week after driving the children to school. I love to turn my music up loud and lose myself in those 'therapy' hours, lol.. while I play with glass, or wire and pliers. Those hours fly so fast I can hardly believe I have spent longer than 30mins in there.

My other interests apart from my little family :) , are watercolour painting and coloured pencil drawing, although I've had little time to pursue these activities since discovering that hot glass is very nice to play with.