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Collecting has been my passion for over 40 years with special interest in antique and vintage Jewelry, Prayer beads and Rosaries, Carved Gems like Intaglios and Cameos, especially those of antiquity as well as coins and old religious articles.

After a long career in business and industry and heavy collecting, I decided to spend all my time with my old hobbies and give others the opportunity to own and use all those items that gave me so much joy.

My passion for jewelry and carved gems has led me to be in touch with many wonderful artisans who craft unique jewelry making supplies and it also led me to develop the Swan Collection which is a distinctive line of designer jewelry that combines precious metals and carved gems crafted by artisans using ancient techniques.

I have been active for the past 12 years on the internet ( and still am) on various websites like Ebay as well as my own website, shipping internationally to over 50 countries and hope that ART FIRE will also be a great experience !