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Urbana, IL, United States


The inspiration behind the name of the organization Terrapin Station Sober Living or TSSL for short comes from the lyrics to the Grateful Dead song(s) Lady With a Fan/ Terrapin Station. The lyrics reflect not only what our sober living home stands for but also speaks to the nature of Recovery from drug Addiction as a whole. Beyond the Lyrics if it wasn't for the devotion of the community that spawned from the Grateful Dead and the love of art that it created we wouldn't have the Gemstones, Jewelry or Pins to sell as it is this community that brought the founder to his calling as an artist/ gemologist.

We are forever grateful for the Grateful Dead and every Band, Music Festival Organizer, Stage Crew member, Security Guard and every Patron and Employee to ever go to a concert or festival where the love of gemstones, pins, jewelry and art thrives in a way unlike anywhere else.

Skills and Techniques

Wire Wrapping, Gem Identification, Channel Setting, Sourcing Material

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http://TerrapinStation.Store http://TSSLRocksandPins.Etsy.Com http://TerrapinStationSoberLivin… https://www.ebay.com/sch/raveter…

Get to Know

This shop was made to help fund our non for profit organization Terrapin Station Sober Living. We are based in Urbana Illinois and our primary focus is on housing Addicts in Recovery, those suffering from Homelessness, Veterans as well as the Mentally ill. The shop is ran by members of the house who are primarily Addicts in Recovery who also suffer from Mental Illness. While whoever is managing the shop may change overtime the House Manager is always there to oversee orders and timely response times. Our House Manager is an Accredited Jewelry Professional which is an Accreditation issued by the Gemological Institute of America. He writes the descriptions for most of the items and donated the Gems, Pins and does all of the Wire Wrapping on our online Market Places in order to help the organization grow. If you have any questions regarding TSSL or our items feel free to send us a message. We look forward to working with you here on Artfire!

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