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Laytonsville, MD, United States

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For over 35 years, I've designed with beads and recycled circuit boards to create jewelry with texture and layers of color.


repurposing found objects, knitting,jewelry design

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My husband (Joel) and I (Debby) started Three Ring Circuits in 1992, long before "green" was a popular and important social movement. Joel had a computer company that manufactured PCs, and were were continually fascinated and intrigued by the complexity and artistic qualities of printed circuit boards (PCSs). One of Joel's contacts was a PCB manufacturer and we were able to get their surplus production for our craft purposes, saving them from end up in landfills and creating environmental contamination. The more products we made from recycled circuit boards, the more we thought of, and our product line is now the most diverse of any geekery studio in the world.
My background and degree is in fine art (especially silk-screen printing) and Joel is a PhD scientist. I am also a jewelry designer and have shops that sell vintage beads and jewelry on ETSY and on the Web; Joel is a world-famous gemologist and author of 7 books in his field. Together we brainstorm to create endless ideas for new recycled circuit board products.

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