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I've grown up being a creative in mixed media. My mother was a very talented artist and also owned a fabric store in our town. My Grandmother wrote poetry plus entertained us by making things and cooking.
I like to paint, read, garden, love on my sweet kitty, Maisey and do photography. In fact, I shoot all my photos for Artfire and Etsy! Last Spring I painted my flower pots~
They are so boring without color!
I live in the westrrn part of Texas. I love it here, even when it gets 100°
I was a medical assistant, in my other life. I did phlebotomy, and a bunch of other things for 35 years. I love helping people in need get well.
In 2011 I found out I had rheumatoid arthritis. I had been in remission for about 10 years. I retired and love making jewelry. It also keeps my hands stay flexible.
There's not much more to tell except I'm excited you took the time to read this and hope you love my work❤

Skills and Techniques

Polymer clay comes in a variety of colors and brands.
There are several types, soft and sticky, some are for sculptimg and some have a soft leather texture. I use a combination of clay.
It has to be squished, rolled out and basically messed with until its ready to be used, we call that conditioning the clay.
I manipulate the clay into a pattern I like. This is called a cane. The pattern is inside of the cane. ( find a video on you tube).
To make the bracelets, I cut slices off the cane. Then I place the slices on a strip of clay to make a veneer of the same dimensions of my aluminum bracelet blank. Then the bracelet needs to be trimmed and finished. After finishing, I place the item in an oven to cure. I hand sand and buff my bracelet then apply a protective finish.
There a lot more to the process, and it takes a lot of time to get ready for listing.

Get to Know

My business Three Spirits Creations started around 1998. I was making beaded earrings and selling them by the dozens. After a couple of years I discovered polymer clay. It's versatile, colorful, and maintains wonderful textures. There's almost no limit. I made so much jewelery that I opened an Etsy shop.
My jewelry is I have a lot of repeat customers.
If you see something you like let me know!

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