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Harrison, Mi, United States

Quick Blurb

ALL SALES go towards the Radiation Therapy and associated costs for our Rescue Malamute-Ukiah-7 years Melanoma Survivor.


I have had a lot of years to learn a lot of Crafts..Loom Beading,French Floral Wire Wrap,Beaded "CRITTERS",Jewelry,Crystal, French Netting,Embroidery-thread and beaded...Vintage and Antique BEADS of ALL SIZES and SHAPES!!!The list goes on and on

Skills and Techniques

Double Needle Loom Beading-I have done LoomWork for Native American Dancers across Turtle Island... Beaded Florals-For gift wraps,wedding receptions,table decor and centerpieces... I also craft OOAK Jewelry.... I "do" French Netting" as Wearable Art and have "done" Lamp DRESSES which incorporates "Floral Wire Wrap" as embellishment. I "upgrade" OLDE CRYSTAL Jewelry so it can be worn and enjoyed-DO YOU HAVE YOUR GRANDMOTHERS Crystal necklace and earrings?

Get to Know

I have "done" beading and sold beads for 50+ years.Most of my seed beadstock is at least 40 years old.I carry Czecho Jablonica Ornela Seeds size #11 in most of the "Olde School" colors.I also have TONS of other sizes,colors and styles.Most of my cloisonne' is 25-30 years old.I also have swarovski and czech crystal in backstock.I carry #12-#13-#15 beading needles[25/pack] and Nymo thread bobbins in '0'-'00'-'B' in most colors.I also carry Bugle beads in #2 Straight....#20 Straight....#3-Straight and twist....#30-Straight..I am a SMOKE FREE Home...

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