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台灣台中, tc, Taiwan


I'm Interest for jewelry craft started from high school, very happy I'm love it till now and enjoy, and so proud of to share it.
Color is sensitive, if we are sensible. They are playing secretly, if we join, we will be blown away for what our see.

Skills and Techniques

I think, I'm not a maker or designer, I'm just a finder.
I leave performance to the color and material, they will tell me what they want to do. And I always fascinated in their "love prattle", falling in love can't help it. I think in their world, I'm so petty, the techniques just a feeling.

Get to Know

I believe wear jewelry bring dignified, respect for self, and joy.
Every item usually only one quantity, and any one jewelry is special to me. They are scenery on my road; one scenery, one story.

They are alive, Not just "Colors"

Smile is award

Because not really in play

The taste does choose, select, and say amazing words

Have a good time
Your life will be adorned

This is Initial state of the beauty