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Upper Penninsula, MI, United States

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After years of following what is presumed to be the norm with painting...traditional canvas, papers, and murals...I felt a strong desire to challenge myself with something a lot different and use the canvas already provided by nature. Gourds, rocks, and wood.

I never use templates, stencils, or pre-made images. All of my artwork is my own.

The gourd is my dream canvas. After cleaning and preparing the gourds, I lightly sketch my ideas onto the gourd's surface and then continue on with burning, carving, etching, and/or painting.

My art cards are mainly pyrography (burning) on watercolor paper. Burning on paper is a very time consuming process. Some details require going back over them numerous times to darken without burning completely thru the paper itself.

My rocks are handpainted or airbrushed using professional, fine art quality acrylics.

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My artistry with gourds, driftwood, and rocks conveys my deep respect, appreciation, and love of nature. I have always been drawn to nature's colors, forms, fragile intricacies, and the sense of magic that is all around us.

It can take days, weeks, or sometimes even months to create a single piece of gourd art. All elements in my compositions are done freehand, without patterns or templates. Usually, I work improvisationally, planning as I go. Most often, I will use pyrography to enhance the piece further by stippling shadows and textures. The design continues to mature with the addition of color in, sometimes, a variety of mediums. Extensive detailing, color, and the addition of embellishments adds to the magic of the piece.

I think that one of the most exciting aspects of being an artist is the ongoing evolution that I experience in my work. Creating on a 3 dimensional surface is not only inspiring, stimulating, and challenging; it takes my imagination to a new level and continually expands my creative approach. Each piece brings some new discovery and joy of creation.

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