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NEW YORK, NY, United States


Our Mission

To create meaningful, beautifully designed and skillfully crafted pieces of jewelry relevant to each stage of your life. Whether it be creating a moment with our collection, capturing a memory with the personalized jewelry we want to be there for you and with you all along the way

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About Us

Excellence in Design and Craft. With a background in 25 years in handcrafting personalized jewelry.

It slowly came to life as our first few customers expressed complete satisfaction with our pieces of fine jewelry.

TycheNYC is a specialty in fine custom jewelry. We start each design with a hand-drawn sketch, which we tweak and revise until it has achieved stylistic perfection. Then, our jewelers bring each design to life for our customers. Because everything is hand-drawn and customized, each piece of jewelry is unique.

Customer satisfaction is our priority. Our team at TycheNYC is highly motivated to assist you with making piece that exceeds your expectations.

All of our jewelry is made in the USA; Our Studio is located on Diamond District in Manhattan, New York