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Inspiration for us is nature, travel, books. Interests are very versatile and sometimes inspiration comes unexpectedly. I’m Irina and I love geometric shapes, natural shapes, and animals. Yuriy for the most part love abstract art.

Skills and Techniques

Yuriy Kosterin and Irina Kosterina. Yuriy work with a titanium welding technique. Irina's work titanium with another technique. But often we combine our techniques.

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Get to Know

UniqueTitaniumArt is a creative project of a married couple, Yuriy Kosterin and Irina Kosterina. We work mainly with titanium in two different techniques.

It all started in 2011 when my husband Yuri Kosterin decided to change his life completely. He passed the course of welding successfully and got a Welder of welding specialty. He took the course from the master, who discovered the property of titanium discoloration.

I am Irina Kosterina. I was watching my husband's work but without much interest. Meanwhile, my husband's skills improved significantly and the quality of work increased dramatically. Eventually, there was a moment that changed my life forever!!! I began to experiment, tried different ways and just fell in love with this metal! Titanium is so amazing and unpredictable, so original and like nothing on earth! And the process ... when you create something original by your hands you have a magic feeling!

Here is an interesting point. My husband and I are both Aquarius! Aquarius is also, like our favorite and unpredictable metal TITANIUM, under the control of the planet Uranus! What a coincidence!


✵We are pleased to welcome You in our store of Authentic & Hypoallergenic TITANIUM jewelry made of metal titanium Grade 1!

✏All jewelry is made of titanium Grade 1. It is a very light material but looks massive. In addition, titanium is very firm and durable. It does not interact with human tissues, so it is fully HYPOALLERGENIC.

♅ A surprising characteristic of titanium is the tint. Exposed to high temperatures titanium provides a variety of iridescent colors and color transitions. Titanium is a metal that is under the control of the planet URANUS - so metal gets the influence of this planet! Uranus is the planet of change and originality, symbolizing surprises in your life. Uranus generates sudden events and opportunities. It awakens, shocks, revolutionizes. It is responsible for human genius that creates the new in art or science. In any case, the look of jewelry shows the influence of Uranus. It looks like something from the future!

✏All the untreated titanium metal we buy from a specialized titanium seller in Kiev, Ukraine. Marking of titanium - Grade 1 (Cyrillic - ВТ 1-00).

✵✵✵All jewelry are of our own design and made by hand. We will be happy to fulfill your order if you want jewelry of your own design. However, titanium processing is quite specific and that is why not any design can be suitable for manufacturing.

✏ATTENTION!!! Titanium changes color and brightness depending on light conditions or natural illumination! For example, when the weather is clear and sunny titanium is bright, shiny and reflects like a diamond. If it is cloudy it seems darker and the shine becomes less noticeable.

✵✵✵We would be happy to offer discounts and gifts to our customers. Contact us and get your personal discount. We are always ready to help choose the jewelry design, discuss the details and answer all the questions you may have.

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