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West Jordan, UT, United States


I love beads, especially Swarovski and Czech crystals. Love painting cameos to give them a Victorian design. I have 4 beautiful Grandkids which are growing up to quick.
At my part time job I am what they call a foodie. I cook and create recipes which the customers love. They usually pick up the product and go home and make it for dinner. I only make quick and easy items. I am finding out people just do not have the time to cook anymore, life is just too busy.
Love to get in the yard and plant flowers and love to sit with a good book on the patio (sometimes I fall asleep).

Skills and Techniques

Beading, Painting, and Jewelry design.

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Get to Know

I am inspired with the Victorian style,colors and textures. I am in love with the old time jewelry and try to bring them into new romantic designs. This is why I design jewelry using the Victorian style in my designs. Some of the designs remind me of jewelry my Mom wore when I was a child. The beauty and language of the Victorian Jewelry intrigues me.

I had no idea that I had a gift for designing jewelry. I had surgery back 15 years ago and thought I would not be able to work again. At this point I started to think of a project (turned into a business) that would help me to keep busy and help financially. I am working on a part time basis and can't wait to enjoy designing jewelry all the time.

I would love to design a piece of jewelry for you, feel free to contact me

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