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Port Austin, MI, United States

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Metalsmithing, jewelry, copper, silver, gemstones, Industrial, Hardware Store Jewelry, Steampunk, Artisan Group, Wire Wrapping,

Skills and Techniques

Meatalsmithing, Wire Wrapping, Leather work

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http://www.whimoriginals.com http://www.facebook.com/Whim.Ori… http://pinterest.com/whimorigina… http://twitter.com/whimoriginals

Get to Know

I have always loved art. I started out in drawing and made a very long journey to what I am doing today. I permanently moved up to Port Austin oh,...I would say about five years ago now. Before Port Austin, I was an art and computer graphics teacher in Southfield Michigan. I taught Middle School and loved it. The kids at that age are just so much fun. I still miss it to this day. I taught for 11 years and then moved into a career in Project Management for software companies. I managed large software, and hardware installations all over the country. I spent pretty much 10 years living in hotels and airplanes...and guess what I loved that also! My last contract ended and before I began looking for another, my parents became ill, I came to Port Austin to help. After a little while I realized I needed to keep myself busy....Port Austin is a beautiful town, but just a bit quieter than living in hotels and shuttling around the country on a regular basis. I began making jewelry to fill time at first, and to create pieces that I really wanted to wear. My interest has grown over the years. I started creating beaded jewelry and still love beads to this day. I then moved into creating mosaic furniture and home decor, and once again fell in love. I actually have found I have a bit of a short attention span and find moving from one medium to another keeps the interest and inspiration flowing. So with that in mind I have now moved into metals. Creating with sterling silver, copper, and incorporating my beads and gemstones as I go along.

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