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San Diego, CA, United States


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Skills and Techniques

Vegan paper, cotton paper, tree free paper, handmade paper, upcycled paper, waterbased inks, acid free paper, recycle water, sustainable paper, earth friendly paper, chemical free paper, cotton fiber, eco friendly paper, lemongrass paper

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Get to Know

At White Hinoki, we strive to provide an old-school experience from the beginning stages of design all the way through the process, to the final bespoke result. Our unique approach provides a great, personal level of quality, service and dependability.

The products listed in the shop are created by Bluecat Paper. Find the perfect handmade gift, vintage & on-trend stationery, unique journals, and more

Bluecat Paper creates beautiful, aesthetic, and sustainable handmade paper and products. The paper is upcycled from the secondary agro-waste and textile industry wastes.

These products are 100% environment-friendly and tree-free. The designers and artisans work together to bring paper and paper products that are both visually compelling as well as unique. There is exciting synchronicity between nature, plant fiber, and papermaking.

The beautiful papers are created without wood pulp. Instead, the pulp of cotton rags, linen rags, coffee husk, banana fiber, mulberry, corn husk, elephant poo, bagasse, vetiver grass, ragi, tea waste, and flax fiber to name a few.

Bluecat paper manufactures handmade paper products for home, gifting, and packaging. Truly Hip. Truly Handmade.

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