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Greatest inspiration? My Daughter, and the thank you message I receive when one of my beautiful brides tells me I made her wedding day that much more special 😊

Honestly, I spend most of my days either working on orders, coming up with new designs or looking at the photos sent through to me from the beautiful brides who choose to support my business. Love you guys - I couldn't do this without you! 😍

Skills and Techniques

It all begins with a great design. From there, I'll work on creating a master pattern - basically the blueprint upon which all of my designs are based. From there, I will practice the crafting of that design a few times until I get the details and process under control. If this means working with suppliers to provide a few specific solutions - then that's what I do! Then comes the photo's which for me is the most challenging part. Trying to express the quality, care and attention I put into every design is really tough to put into a few photos so this takes a lot of acre and attention. But once that's done - I create the listings that you see (and hopefully decide to purchase!).

Get to Know

Hi Brides! My name is Danni Shen, and White Jasmine Bridal is the brand I created to bring you all the great designs I have been working on for over 10 years. I'm actually the third generation of my family to be involved in the fashion industry, and as a child I literally grew up in a garment manufacturing facility. When I was as young as 7 years old, I remember making clothes for my dolls from the scraps of fabric I found around the house - so I guess my passion for fashion design goes back a long way! These days, I focus exclusively on Bridal fashion design, because I'm a romantic and I just love weddings! I Have a real passion for all things bridal fashion and have personally designed hundreds of couture wedding dresses and wedding veils for brides all over the world. 4 years ago, my world changed with the birth of my daughter - Jasmine - and so I decided to open a new brand that combines my passion for bridal fashion and also my love for my daughter. I hope you love my designs as much as I loved making them! 😄

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