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Pueblo, CO, United States

Quick Blurb

Welcome to Colorado's Whimsy Artisan Soap, where we combine the natural and good-for-you with the wild, whimsical and artist


Soapmaking, candlemaking, Jewelrymaking, Polymer clay, Painting and sculpting, Trinidad, desert art

Skills and Techniques

Our soaps are made using a variety of methods; Cold Process, Hot Process and Transparent Glycerin Soaps. We feature a line of natural Botanical products, made with plant extracts and essential oils, and we also have a full line of skin-safe fragranced soaps (this will be clearly stated in the listings). We use everything we sell on our own bodies and those of our families & friends

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Get to Know

Soapmaking is my art and my passion over the last decade and then some, and I especially get a kick out of making soaps that combine wild and fun colors and scents with beneficial ingredients; Natural goodness should not have to mean plain and boring but we do plain too! I don't skimp on the good stuff when it comes to exotic ingredients either; sourcing the best additives, extracts, fragrances and essential oils for my products so your skin can reap the most benefits.

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    I'm the Artisan Soap Maker, Brick-maker, Researcher, Marketing Rep,Herbalist,Packaging Director,Shipping Dept, and Customer Service Manager. And yes, sometimes I do sleep

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    Crystal Gem Soaps Made to Order

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    Fisher's - A Trinidad Local landmark Artisan Soap

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    Desert Sunset