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Tidaholm, Vaestra Goetaland, Sweden

Quick Blurb

Wodenswolf presents unique norse handcraft inspired by viking and celtic art, ancient european culture and nature!


Vikings, norse arts, norse tradition, celtic arts, leather craft,

Skills and Techniques

carving and tooling

Get to Know

Adoration, preservation, recreation and advancement of the traditional native cultures of the germanic peoples are the main motivations behind the presented goods in this shop.
However closely related cultures like the celtic, baltic and slavic ones have had their certain impact on my works, too.
Last but not least it is Mother Nature herself who provides me with a lot of inspiration.

In my works I try to connect ancient traditional designs with my own contemporary style. The patterns used for my arts originate from the ancient past as well as from my own creativity.

/Freki Wodenswolf

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