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sacramento, ca, United States


photography, jewelry design, fine art specifically the impressionists, art deco fashion, architecture and jewelry and anything antique!

Skills and Techniques

My pieces are all hand drawn designs no stamps, transfers or stencils. Pieces are etched in PBC Etchant from 30 min or until I am satisfied It is then dipped in liver of sulphur to enhance the design. I then decide on the embellishment of crystal rhinestones and/or opaque inks. To finalize, the article is rubbed with renaissance wax to prolong the oxidation of the copper and brass.

A note about etching - the piece might look scratched or blemished, but that is characteristic o

Get to Know

Growing up in an artistic household; my father being a successful commercial artist and fine art painter and my mother a talented seamstress/designer; I tried many forms of art until I decided on photography.

I have been a professional photographer for the last 23 years specializing in black & white fine art photography. Call me crazy or a purist, I still use film and refuse to go the digital route (other than photographing my jewelry, of course I use digital). Being a film photographer is getting harder and harder every year, since supplies have been almost impossible to come by, as many things have been discontinued and prices have soared. Which brings to the point of my jewelry.

For many years I have been making jewelry, selling a few pieces here and there and making things for gifts. After the digital world took over the film photography world, I decided to promote my etched, copper/brass jewelry. I love incorporating the art deco influence in my designs. Some floral, some geometric almost all with embellishment of crystal rhinestones which is a big characteristic of the deco period.

The online seller adventure is a new experience for me, I hope everyone enjoys my work as much as I enjoy creating it!