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Pleasant Valley, ny, United States


Vintage, odd, unusual, unique, oddities, rarities, ephemera, gemstones, ink, rhinestones

Skills and Techniques

Master high-five giver. Witty tag line creator.

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Get to Know

My mission as a vintage seller is to bring you the best finds from estate auctions, antique stores and tag sales from across NYC and Upstate NY. My love of vintage and antique wares comes from the endless hours I spent at antique shops and yard sales in my youth. I always felt like I was on a scavenger hunt for some unrevealed treasure that I'd recognize once I saw it. I never had much money growing up, so these places were somewhere I could score an entire armful of excitement at a minimal cost. (This pastime also taught me the fine art of bargaining at a young age)! I'd love window shopping through the dusty stores. I would be going over the shelves full of knick knacks, each trinket awaiting my inspection. I soon began to see beyond the aesthetic value of these things that fascinated me so and I took to learning about their history as well. It amazed me that I could hold something in my hand, and therefore feel so connected to another time and place. I felt all the adventures that an item had experienced now continued in my hands, thus entwining my life with those before me, and I wanted to share this feeling with others.

This shop supports reducing, reusing and recycling in the effort to prevent needless waste. We are doing our part to contribute to a greener planet by using recycled packing materials whenever possible!

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