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Wilton, New Hampshire, United States

Quick Blurb

I just flew in from Alpha Centauri and boy, are my arms tired.


pretty girls, faery tales, science fiction, ancient world, animism, gnosis, dream logic, hyperspace, psychedelia, technicolor, timelessness, weird fiction

Skills and Techniques

Micron pen, watercolor, small works

Get to Know

My name is Bethy Williams. I'm a native and permanent resident of the Milky Way Galaxy.

I grew up a little forest maiden in rural New England. When I was a tiny girl, I used to carry a legal pad or a notebook with me at all times. I made many drawings daily; often I created little books of words and pictures. These works documented the strange mythologies that always churned at the center of my heart, or explained my observations on the magical inner nature of the things around us. I planned to carry on this enterprise for the rest of my life, and so far I have (except now I use slightly better materials).

Currently, I live in a 19th century house in Wilton, New Hampshire, where I create my hyperspace faerytales and otherworld portals out of Micron pen and watercolor.

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