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Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

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mom, indie entrepreneur, vegetarian, crafty, messy, Spanish-English speaking, book lover, avocado-tangerine devourer

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In my home there is always a spot filled with creative messiness. You can always find me surrounded by fabrics, needles, yarns, papers, ribbon, and anything crafty. Although I have been crafting, creating and designing for several years, it was only after the birth of my first child that I decided to turn this creative passion into a part time business venture. The idea of Blueberry Junkie was born when, after a year of maternity leave, I decided against going back to work. I knew I wanted to stay at home taking care of my children, but at the same time I wanted to pursue my creative inclinations. So now, most of my waking hours are spent taking care of my two sons, Phoenix and Connor, and in my free time, in other words, when my little guys are napping, I am free to pursue the call of crafting and creating.

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    My son Phoenix is obsessed with robots, that is why we have so many around. My kids truly are my inspiration.

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    My little Connor, always willing to model for mommy.

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    My other half, Shawn, with our two kids. They bring happiness and purpose to my life.

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    My two little blueberry junkies. They love the special hats mommy makes for them.